One Question, One World

Yang Lan, born March 31, 1968, is a businesswoman, talk show hostess, and co-owner with her husband Wu Zheng of Sun Television Cybernetworks in Shanghai.

One Question, One World is Yang Lan’s personal account of her 20-year media career, and presents the truth of the times as she sees it. The book covers the period 1990 to 2010, and includes anecdotes of her meetings with world leaders such as Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, George Bush, Lee Kuan Yew, and with writer and chemical engineer Jack Welch. It also pinpoints transitional moments that contributed to her distinctive perspective on contemporary media and her personal ‘winning philosophy.’

The title page of One Question, One World []

The Lewinsky Scandal

As a talk show hostess, Yang Lan’s ratings depended largely on her raising incisive and often unwelcome questions. As the time drew near for her interview with former US President Bill Clinton, both her director and producer urged her to bring up and stay on the topic of the Lewinsky scandal. Yang, however, was hesitant. Probing him on this matter seemed to her disrespectful to a venerable former political leader. But then again she could not go through a whole interview without making some reference to it. Her way of getting around this quandary was to do some serious homework.

After leaving office, Clinton published the whole story of his affair with Lewinsky in the exhibition hall of the Clinton Presidential Library. In her interview with him Yang Lan ask the former president, “Generally, presidents accentuate their achievements in the books they publish in their libraries; why, then, would you highlight this particular aspect of your time in office?”

Statesman and master of self-control Clinton answered without batting an eyelid that his intention had been to show the malign result of an American partisan scuffle. Yang followed up by asking, “You say in your autobiography that at the opening phase of the scandal you’d been leading a ‘double life.’ When did it end?” This was obviously a less expected question, and Clinton, caught off guard, opened up. “As I came from a broken home full of violent contradictions I never expected anyone to understand me and so refused to let anyone enter my space. But after facing up to the necessity of telling my wife the truth and doing so, I felt empowered to face anyone on the matter.”

Stunned Silence: Wang Guangmei 

Wang Guangmei (26 September 1921 – 13 October 2006) was a respected Chinese politician, philanthropist, and widow of Liu Shaoqi, who served as President of the People’s Republic of China from 1959-1968.

When asked which of the celebrities that she has interviewed she admires the most, Yang unfailingly answers, Wang Guangmei. When she entered the residence of the venerable former First Lady she had no idea how to address her. Wang told her, “Call me Guangmei, everyone does.”

Wang Guangmei suffered and survived ten years of humiliation and torture during the ‘cultural revolution.’ Yang marveled throughout the interview at the strength and courage it must have taken to stand by her so-called ‘counterrevolutionary’ husband throughout that dark period. When Yang broached the subject of Wang’s12-year prison sentence, she told her the only clue she had of the passage of time was the angle at which sunlight streamed in through the sole window in her cell. This revelation literally stunned Yang into silence.

Moment of Truth

When shooting the Excellent Overseas Chinese interview series, then 27-year-old Yang Lan regarded it as little more than the telling of success stories. When she met Cui Qi, distinguished Chinese physicist and Nobel Prize laureate in 1999, however, she realized this was a mistaken approach. She could see straight away that, rather than flushed with triumph, this brilliant scientist winner was self-effacing and a little shy.

Cui Qi told Yang Lan that he had been born into a family of farmers in Baofeng County, Central China’s Henan Province. Happy to help his father with farm work, he did not leave his village before the age of ten. It was then that his mother decided to send him to Hong Kong for a better education. The boy was unwilling to leave, but consented in the belief he would be home in time for the next wheat harvest. Cui Qi finally set off for Hong Kong carrying a parcel of the steamed buns his mother had made for him. He never saw his parents or his home town again.

Yang asked Cui, “If your mother had not insisted on sending you away to study, where do you think you would be today?” She expected him to answer with a cliché such as, ‘knowledge changes fate.’ But Cui Qi said, “Actually I would prefer to have remained an illiterate peasant. If I had not left the village and stayed with my parents, they would at least have had me to depend on.” Yang recalls how Cui’s answer made her feel both humbled and enlightened.

Cui’s Nobel Prize, scientific achievements and social recognition obviously could not compensate for his sense of heart-wrenching loss. This revelation showed Yang that she needed to change her mindset as to the tone of the program, or otherwise miss such illuminating glimpses of humanity. She thus elevated it from a shallow medium for self-congratulation.


1. Deciding to abandon a cozy bed and sleep instead on cold stones enables one to emerge from stagnation and explore new possibilities. And one’s body will one day warm these cold stones.

2. There are multitudes of opportunities in your life, but your dream still sleeps. Why not wake it up?

3. My favorite perspective is that of gauging the quality of a relationship according to whether or not the parties bring out one another’s better natures.

(Source: Yangtse Newspaper/ Translated and edited by

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58 Per Cent College Students’ “Love Funds” Provided by Parents: Zhengzhou

A group of students from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry recently conducted a survey on the expenditure of Zhengzhou college students when they are in a relationship. 300 college students participated in the survey.

College Love [ Chen Zhengrong]

The result shows that college students in Zhengzhou, capital city of Central China’s Henan Province, are very thrifty, even when they are in love. About half of the girls’ monthly living expenses are within 500 RMB (US $76.87), most of the boys’ are between 600 RMB (US $92.24) to 1,000 RMB (US $153.74), and those whose above 1000 RMB nearly account for 15 per cent.

“Love funds” is additional money that parents give to their college kids to cover their miscellaneous dating expenses. As to the source of their “love funds”, 58 per cent of the respondents admitted with embarrassment that they get it from their parents, 17 per cent took part-time jobs, and only a few got it by winning the scholarships.

The survey shows that dinners account for 23 per cent of college students’ “love funds” and communication 18 per cent; but the proportion may be higher, especially when students are involved in a long-distance relationship, entertainments 16 per cent, and the rest is spent on gifts.

In addition, 31 per cent of the boys and 52 per cent of the girls advocate going Dutch on dating expenses.

(Source: Translated by

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Chinese Canadian Woman Joins the Cabinet

The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, yesterday gave the names of his first cabinet after his Conservative party won a majority government. Chinese-Canadian Alice Wong was appointed to the Cabinet as the Minister of State for Seniors.

Alice Wong [file photo]

Alice Wong, a Canadian Conservative Party MP, born in Hong Kong in 1947, speaks fluent Cantonese, Teochew, Mandarin and English. She is the second Chinese MP from Richmond, Greater Vancouver Regional District, and the first Chinese woman MP.

(Source: Translated by

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Chinese Girl Named Presidential Scholar

Xiaokun Pan Chang, a Chinese-American 12th  grader from Oak Park High School in Ventura County, received the Presidential Scholar award issued by the U.S. Department of Education, and will go to the White House with the other 140 recipients to be individually awarded by President Obama on June 18, according to the report of World Journal.

Xiaokun Pan Chang [World Journal/ provided by Chang’s mother Jenny Yan]

Chang scored the perfect 2400 on this year’s SAT test, and won the National Merit Scholar. She is also the Vice President of the Southern California Region of Junior State. During the summer of 2010, Chang went to India to help the orphans as a volunteer.

Chang is from north China’s Tianjin Municipality. Both of her parents are scientific workers. They moved to the U.S. in 1999.

Chang has accepted an early admission of Harvard. She told the reporter that she had not decided what she wants to do in the future yet, but she is very interested in political science and business.

The Presidential Scholar has been established to recognize and honor the most distinguished graduating high school seniors, who exemplify outstanding academic and artistic achievement, leadership, and school and community involvement.

(Source: Translated by

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Chinese Woman Migrant Worker Attends the ITUC Young Women’s Conference

The 36 year-old Chen Yanshu left Wuhan, capital city of Central China’s Hubei Province, for Amsterdam on May 7 at the invitation of Sharan Burrow, President of the International Trade Union Confederation, to attend the Decisions for Life International Young Women’s Conference on behalf of the over 300 million migrant workers in China. She is the first person to attend an international conference in her capacity as a Chinese migrant worker.

Chen Yanshu’s restaurant only recently opened for business. She thinks that enthusiasm, hard-work, and optimistic attitudes are the three main reasons for her success in becoming a young businesswoman from a low-educated rural girl.

The “Decisions for Life” Conference, held in Amsterdam from May 9 – 11, is aimed to support and empower young women, individually and collectively, to make well-informed decisions about work, career, and family, to have access to secure jobs, earnings and social benefits, to demand equal opportunities at work, and to improve their leadership and negotiation skills.

(Source: Translated by

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Chinese Malaysian Women Shine in the U.K. and Australia

Two Chinese Malaysian women, who have been resettled respectively in the U.K. and Australia for over 40 years, made outstanding accomplishments recently, according to the reports of Malaysian Chinese media.

Helen Chuah takes her oath of office as the Mayor of Colchester on May 18. [Guang Ming Daily Malaysia]

Helen Chuah, 61, born in Penang, Malaysia, took her oath of office and became the first foreign-born Mayor of Colchester yesterday. She came to Colchester in October 1971. She worked as a qualified nurse after completing her training, and served as a Councillor for St. Anne’s Ward since 1998. She was selected as the Deputy Mayor of Colchester last year.

Marion Lau (L) is inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women by the Minister for Women’s Affairs Mary Wooldridge (R). [Oriental Daily News]

Marion Lau, a Malaysian-born Chinese, arrived in Australia from Malaysia in 1969, has just been inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, along with another 19 outstanding women leaders, by the Minister for Women’s Affairs on Monday for her remarkable achievements and contributions in philanthropy and business. She also received a Centenary Medal in 2003.

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ACWF Vice President Visits Cuba

The visiting Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation, Chen Xiurong, on May 16 met with all the Secretariat members of the Federation of Cuban Women.

In order to support Cuban women’s participation in national social and economic development management, Chen, on behalf of the All-China Women’s Federation, donated 400,000 yuan-valued (US $61,538) materials during the meeting.

Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation, Chen Xiurong (Back R3), meets with all the Secretariat members of the Federation of Cuban Women on May 16. []

Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation, Chen Xiurong (R), outlines Chinese women’s political participation on May 17 when meeting with outstanding Cuba women representatives from all social walks. []

On the next day, Chen Xiurong and outstanding Cuba women representatives from all social walks, including Cuban women parliamentarians, women ministers and women’s federations’ leaders, attended a symposium; and both sides exchanged ideas on women’s political participation.

(Source: / Translated by

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19-year-old Chinese American Girl Opens Four Companies in US

Diane Keng [File Photo]

The 19-year-old Chinese American girl Diane Keng has opened four companies in the past four years since she was a high schoolgirl.

Diane launched her first venture at age 15, when she started a T-shirt screen-printing business and later began a teen marketing-consulting firm. She says she ended up dropping the T-shirt company because it wasn’t making enough money, and the second business because she felt she was spreading herself too thin amid activities, and needed to devote time to prepare for the hercollege entrance exam.

At the age of 17 she began her third start-up, an Internet company to help teens manage their digital lives and social-network identities in one place, and at 19 the Faceless, an online community for college students.

Ms. Keng has several advantages in pursuing her entrepreneurial ambitions, including her father, a venture capitalist who splits his time between Beijing and Cupertino and gave her $100,000 in seed money.

Another big advantage is that Diane is in Silicon Valley and can tap the region’s unique ecosystem of tech resources and experience.

Now she studies in Santa Clara University, majoring in Computer Engineering.

(Source: / Translated by

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Body of Former ACWF President Cremated in Beijing

The body of Chen Muhua, former vice premier of China and president of the All-China Women’s Federation, was cremated at Beijing’s Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery on Wednesday.

President Hu Jintao, top legislator Wu Bangguo, Premier Wen Jiabao, and other state and Party leaders Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang paid their final respects to Chen at the cemetery.

President Hu Jintao (R1) at yesterday’s cemetery. [Xinhua]

During her career, Chen held several other key official posts, including state councilor, vice chairperson of the Standing Committee of the 7th and 8th National People’s Congress and president of the All-China Women’s Federation.

She died of illness on May 12 in Beijing at the age of 90.

Chen was described in an official statement as “an excellent member of the Communist Party of China… and an outstanding leader in the country’s work on economy and women and children.”

(Source: Xinhua)

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2011 Children’s Day Activity Arrangement Released in Beijing

Tuesday saw the Press Conference for the 2011 Children’s Day Activity Arrangement in Beijing.

The series of 2011 Children’s Day activities, themed on commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of Communist Party of China (CPC), focuses on minors’ moral construction, according to Deng Li, director of the Children Department of the All-China Women’s Federation.

The series is set to include a themed television gala, a rural infant health promotion action, activities for the caring of left-behind children, the recommendation of good books campaign, and special activities for celebration of the CPC’s 90th Anniversary.

Related persons-in-charge from the Ministry of Culture and the General Administration of the Press and Publications also attended the press conference and introduced relevant arrangements.

Recently, 18 national departments and organizations, including the All-China Women’s Federation, co-issued a notice concerning the activity arrangement of this year’s Children’s Day and related requirements to ensure special and needy children group’s rights and interests and the national day’s smooth celebrations.
(Women of China)

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